Larry Duncan's Story

Dan was a lifesaver.  He took control of the situation.  We ran into a few obstacles with our past credit history and worked it out.  He got it taken care of and, to our surprise, got us a house!  We're forever indebted to Dan for that, because we didn't want to live in another rental.  

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"I'm blessed to be able to connect families with the money they need to purchase their dream home!!!"

-Dan Krynzel

Michelle McCallie's Story

We saved a lot of money!  Mortgage is way cheaper than our rent was.

Working with Dan and the team was awesome - I loved it!


You guys were so great!  We did everything on the phone and the internet and emails.  It was just easy - real easy!  I got financed before I went and looked for a house, so it was perfect.​

Christopher Montone's Story

I had one of those crummy loans that everyone got when the housing boom was going, an adjustable rate, interest only, and a balloon payment that was going to pop next year. 


I was going to owe about 60 grand!


I called Dan. It wasn't looking good at first, but he made it happen!  We got rid of the second.  Now I have ONE payment, probably less than what the other one would've adjusted to!

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